No one is sure why our money is green. In 1929, when we began making smaller bills, green pigment was available in large quantities.

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Do you have a summer job?
Yes, Iím saving money and learning new skills.
Sort of. Iím just doing odd jobs around the house.
No, Iím just hanging out this summer.


2 Cool Ways to Make Money on Hot Summer Days

During the school year, you dreamed of summer vacation when you could have all the time you wanted to do whatever you wanted. Then, boom, it happened. You got bored. You wanted to go to the movies or play miniature golf, but you didn’t have the money to pay for it. Your parents cut your allowance since you don’t have to buy stuff for school anymore. What’s a kid to do? Get a job!

There are lots of ways kids can make money — it just takes some creative thinking, hard work and your parents’ permission. Try one of these ideas:

Open a backyard carnival. Get together with your friends to entertain the neighborhood kids. Charge $1 to enter and a quarter or more for each activity. Use party favors for prizes.

  • Set up a table for face painting and a table for different arts and crafts.
    Young girl With Face Paint
  • Have a squirt gallery. Tape three foam bricks together in a pyramid shape. Press golf tees into the blocks and set ping pong balls on top of the tees. Then have kids shoot at the balls with water pistols.
  • Create a miniature golf course with blocks for obstacles and cups as the holes.
  • Make a water slide. Tape together plastic garbage bags and wet them down with a hose.
  • Raffle off kisses — yucch, not real kisses! — fill a jar with Hershey Kisses. Kids guess how many are in the jar, and whoever comes closest wins the chocolate jackpot.

Have a lemonade stand. If lots of people pass by every day, set up a table in front of your house. If not, try setting up your lemonade stand near a bike path. Or at your friend’s backyard carnival! Make a jug of lemonade and have plenty of cups. Invite a friend over to make cookies and sell those, too. How much you charge is up to you — think about what you would pay, then add a quarter to the price!

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